The B.S. in your B.S!

Yes peeps, let’s talk about all the B.S. that goes on inside our head. The things that keep you from not reaching for the stars, the fears, the doubts, those thoughts we tell ourselves saying it’s all fine while deep down you know it’s not! Every self-sabotage thought that stops you from fully committing and putting yourself out there. 

Let’s get clear on that B.S. What I’m referring to is your BELIEF SYSTEMS. 

Ha, did you see that coming?

I don’t know about you, but there have been certain unhelpful beliefs that have been imprinted on me since childhood. Such as; “I can’t have everything in life” or, “only rich people get rich”, or “I have to have a degree to get a job” or “I’m not good enough to make a national team”. Granted these are probably not life ending beliefs however they are not helpful AND they may not be true! So yes I’m calling it, a lot of our beliefs are based on absolute Bull Sh#t!

This is precisely the point because a belief is not necessarily fact. Therefore, it could be outdated or untrue. 

But what about beliefs such as: “I’m too old to start rowing”, I’m not good enough to win” or “I don’t deserve to get what I want”, “I’m not smart enough to become a leader”, “I’m never going to make that national team”. 

When I was 25 years old I started rowing. With the intent I wanted to go to the Olympics and rowing looked like a sport I could combine with full time work. Ha, yes potentially a late start you could say. I was somewhat surprised when I got shot down by the local rowing clubs as I wanted to learn to row. The first question I got asked was, “how old are you”? I said 25. I could hear the “mmm” on the other line. Next question; “how tall are you”? I said 170cm. The following response was that I was too old to start rowing and they currently were not taking people of my age group and hung up. Yes, just like that, boom! 

If I hadn’t learnt about these amazing techniques called NLP and Time Line Therapy®, had resilience and a stuff you attitude,  I would never have picked up an oar, put myself through hours and hours of brutal training (mostly by myself), fly to my first National Championships and out of nowhere pull together an amazing race to take home a bronze medal. What if I had listened and given in to that little voice in my head that questioned my age, abilities and more? As I noticed this voice in my head, I started questioning how true my beliefs were. I am thankful my awareness picked up on this belief so I could deal with it.  

I’ll give you another type of example. There was a time when I was 10 years old. That was 100% true when I was 10 years old. Now years later that same belief is no longer true. This is an obvious example but, what about so many beliefs that are swirling around in our heads that we don’t even know of?  

We all have belief systems. Some are helpful, true and constructive in moving us forward in life. Others on the other hand not so much. The more I actively investigate the nature of the resistance that comes up for me concerning various thoughts and feelings, the better I can identify and address those beliefs attached to it.  

Of course this bakes the question, where do our beliefs come from? Which is an excellent question and one I will delve into much much deeper in another blog. 

The B.S. in your B.S!

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