Team Coaching

M-Powerment2U specialises in helping your sporting team achieve outstanding results by using the very latest and best techniques in maximising team performance. We have worked with many different sporting teams including; triathlon, swimming, rowing, football and many others.

We start by coaching each team member to ensure they are performing at their best but that’s not where it ends. A team is stronger than each individual – but only when they are working as a team.

A large part of this is believing in what you’re looking to achieve and trusting the other members of the team are working just as hard to get there. Emma Molenaar at M-Powerment2U will make sure the team has a shared vision, the same values, the same alignment, the same focus, the same goal. At M-Powerment2U we help your sporting team find synergy which is the only way to achieve true sporting greatness.

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