1 On 1 Coaching

Here at mPowerment2u we empower you to consistently achieve your personal best. Our coaches and trainers will work with you individually to find out where you are currently and where you’re wanting to go. You may have tried many different things to improve athletic performance with varying levels of success.

The most common problem that people come to us for help with is how to achieve consistency with their sports performance. Athletes often find they can perform brilliantly on one day and perform below their abilities on another. Despite trying a number of different approaches, they just can’t work out how to perform at their best in every competition.

What causes this very common problem? What get’s in the way of you consistently performing at your best? What prevents you from achieving the sporting success you know you are capable of?

As Emma explains in the above video – it’s your stuff. Your stuff is what is stopping you from moving from A to B. This can be really frustrating because no amount of training harder is going to sort out your stuff.

This is where Emma Molenaar from mPowerment2u can help. Emma compliments the training you and your current sports coach are doing by working on what is getting in your way. By reprograming your brain, your body can do what you know it’s capable of, sometimes even more. Emma will break down what’s really going on for you, what’s working, what’s not and then put everything back together without the ‘stuff’. She can move you to new places, enhance your athletic ability, your mental resilience, your resolve, your determination and your focus so that you perform better than you imagined possible. With your sports mindset fine tuned for success – magic happens.

To find out how Emma at mPowerment2u can move you forward into the next level of your sporting success – how she can give you the mental edge, book in now for your complimentary strategy session.