Student Sports Coaching

Are you a student looking to improve performance in your chosen sport? Or are you a teacher, parent or caregiver wanting to give your students the best possible chance of achieving sporting success? You’ve come to the right place. Emma Molenaar at M-Powerment2U can support school students in achieving the sporting success you know they’re capable of.

As children and teenagers grow they are faced with ever increasing and more complicated challenges. How they respond to these challenges and overcome them ends up shaping their attitude and personality. Without guidance, some stress and challenges can have a negative affect on mindset and this is where performance can start to take a nose dive.

Students receiving coaching from M-Powerment2U will learn techniques to use these challenges as positive motivators rather than crumbling under the stress of competitions.

The key lies in remembering that every time you go out on the field it is just another game. Your mindset is chosen by you, not determined by your surroundings or what is happening.

To discover how Emma Molenaar and her team at M-Powerment2U can help you overcome challenges and become the best student athlete you can be contact us today for a free strategy session.