Sports and Performance Coaching

Founded in 2014, M-Powerment2U combines over a decade of clinical experience in the fields of Physiotherapy, Biomechanics, Physiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Elite Sports to help athletes discover and reach their physical and mental edge. Specializing in Sports and Performance Consulting, M-Powerment2U works with athletes to develop the champion that already exists within them. In sports and in life, we value integrity, total commitment, focus, action, and mind-body resilience.
1 on 1 Training

Want to consistently achieve at your peak? With your sports mindset fine tuned for success – magic happens.

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Team Coaching

Let us help your team work as a team and push their sporting achievement to the next level.

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The Mental Edge

A vital component of any sporting success is finding your mental edge, we help you find yours

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Student Sports Coaching

Teenage years come with challenges – we help you develop a winners mindset and achieve huge goals.

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Our Mission

Our mission at M-Powerment2U is to provide athletes and sports teams with the tools to optimize their physical and mental capabilities through training that targets the optimization of the mind and body connection and develops behavioral patterns that are consistent with optimal performance. Sports is never just sports; it is the fuel for passion, and at M-Powerment2U our passion is to build Champions for Life!

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Our Vision

At M-Powerment2U, we are dedicated to teaching athletes the importance of combining physical optimization techniques with mental and emotional self-awareness. We believe in the saying that "Our greatest hurdle is often ourselves", and we strive each day to research, develop, and implement training programs that push the mind and body to its greatest potential. With the right tools and knowledge, athletes can literally breathe themselves into "the zone" and have uninterruptable focus during the extreme pressure situations of elite sports. Our programs focus on the breakdown of self-sabotaging patterns and the re-programming of behaviors, and our sports performance training helps athletes to understand their own personal blueprint and triggers. Bringing focus to these areas allow athletes to gain clarity into how to train more effectively, without having to train harder necessarily. The challenges of life can be similar to that of the challenges of sports, and our programs aim to provide life tools to optimize your own physical and mental performance and capacity through a holistic approach that works with both mind and body. At M-Powerment2U we work with athletes all over the world who are dedicated to performing at their natural best and becoming a champion in sports, in business, and in life by providing them the tools to master the art of mind and body resilience.

What our Athletes and Coaches Have to Say

  • As the 1st VIII Rowing coach at St Joseph's College in Sydney I had the pleasure of watching Emma work with the athletes. Her approach was professional, enthusiastic and fun which kept the athletes engaged during all sessions. The tools Emma taught the crew had them in a better mindset for both training and racing. The pre-race exercises she gave them certainly helped them towards achieving a very positive and exciting result. The lessons learnt are ones which will continue to help the athletes not only in their selected sport but also in their careers or any other field they wish to follow in the future. Emma is someone I would highly recommend to help give the "Winning Edge"

    Ross Tong
    Ross Tong
    GPS Rowing Coach
  • I first started seeing Emma to help me with my sporting results in the high jump and javelin. Already after the first session I felt so much more calm and confident. After 3 sessions and not much physical training I jumped a new PB and threw further than I had ever done! I no longer feel anxious or have those negative self-doubting thoughts. If I do, I now know what to do about them so they disappear and I can fully concentrate on my events. It's really cool! I couldn't have done it without you Emma.

    Hailey Powell
    Hailey Powell
    Track & Field

Some Of Our Awesome Teams

Sports is not just sports, its so much more than that.

Reman Logue
Boxing Trainer
Matt Chohos
Matt Chohos
Cardio Trainer
John Mos
Yoga Trainer

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"To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.” – Picabo Street